Choosing the right daycare

Why choose Family (in home) Daycare?

In a Family Daycare home, your child gets the individual attention he or she needs, in a loving nurturing environment.  He or she also gets the continuity of having one constant daycare provider to bond with, one group of friends, and the flexibility to play and enjoy being a kid for these fleeting preschool years without experiencing the “revolving door.”  Parents like knowing THEY have selected their provider and how their child spends his or her days.

Why choose LICENSED Family Daycare?

There are plenty of capable non-licensed daycare providers out there.  But licensed providers are held to a higher standard.  They have passed a physical exam, a thorough background check for themselves as well as other household members age 12 and over, an inspection of the home by the fire marshal, and an intensive inspection and interview by a Dakota County Licensor.  They have been certified in First Aid and CPR, and have received training on SUIDS and Abusive Head Trauma (Shaken Baby Syndrome.)  They are required to complete monthly crib inspections and monthly fire and storm drills, and to keep thorough immunization records on each child in care.  They are mandated reporters of suspected any suspected child abuse or neglect.  They also have the opportunity to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program if they so desire, and by doing so they receive extra training in childhood nutrition.  They also take additional classes annually in a variety of topics relevant to the care of your child.  Licensed providers have taken the time and made the effort to do all these things simply for the love and welfare of your child.

Why choose Sharon’s Lakeville Tykes?

Sharon’s Lakeville Tykes is a licensed daycare in south Lakeville in Dakota County, open in this location since 2013.  I was previously licensed in Minneapolis for 13 years.  In that time (and since) I have developed a curriculum that I prefer over those that I have seen available for purchase.  Through trial and error I have learned what works best for my group, and I use my ideas as well as ideas I have picked up from other daycare professionals to provide fun and engaging ways for preschoolers to learn.  I offer a lot of group and individual activities, as well as the free play time children need to expand their imaginations and to just be kids. I want them to make some good memories now in their carefree childhood days.  But that doesn’t mean I won’t prepare them for success in school.  Please read more about me and my program on those tabs here on the website.  I’ll be honest:  You will see some cheaper daycare options out there.  On the other hand, you will find providers with higher rates as well.  What you won’t find is any provider who puts more back into the daycare than I do, in the form of fresh, quality foods, fun, safe equipment and toys, and improvements to the home to enhance the daycare experience.   Please contact me for further information via email at